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Token Vetting

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What our community is saying

Matt Liston
looks like utility tokens are a thing again thanks @coincenter @TheBKP_Official @tokenfoundry and all of the crypto entrepreneurs who kept doing cryptoeconomics through the winter
Patrick Muller
@fat_protocol @tokenfoundry @Virtuepoker It’s really great. This is what the space needs to address the token distribution imbalance caused by the pre/pre/pre sale phenomenon catered towards whales. Registration process feedback: Send confirmation email after completion and update UI. CC @tokenfoundry
Fat Protocol
@tokenfoundry just went through your process to access @Virtuepoker ICO. You are nailing it. Compliance is built in.
Mihailo Bjelic
Great post by @tokenfoundry. We're not wandering around thinking what to do with blockchain anymore, we have more of a clear path now (two paths, actually 🙂). Utility tokens and security tokens will reshape the economy of the world.

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